30 minutes that can save lives

Current and proven plotter technology has been improved in many details, 
here are some highlights:

  • New plotter chassis with improved stability
  • Runs very quietly
  • Completely new design
  • Easy to use Quick Release allows lightning fast switch between plotter unit and the new optional engraving unit

mp-PM Basic Plotter

Small and compact plotter without pen station for mobile and stationary use; designed to mark labelling materials quickly and inexpensively. Is able to hold six aluminium base plates or a GPU A4. Plotter pens are inserted and removed manually. An optional aluminium case is available for transport purposes. 

mp-PM A3 Plotter

This largest plotter is able to hold 10 aluminium base plates or one GPU A3 base plate. Top-quality typeface from the first to the last label. Pen station, as well as integrated inscription help for plotting pins. Load capacity - of up to 1200 labels